SELFish isn’t a Bad Thing

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If you look up the definition of the word “selfish” you will find “concerned chiefly or excessively with oneself.” You may even find “concerned chiefly with one’s own profit or pleasure.” We’re taught to believe this is a bad thing, but is it really? Experts in the field of psychology will tell you that when… Read more »

Are You for Real?

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When was the last time you embarrassed yourself or made a mistake? Did you admit your mistake, or did you walk away feeling ashamed—and wondering if you might lose respect? It’s all about how you handle it. Admitting your mistakes is a key part of being vulnerable—and vulnerability is key to being a strong leader…. Read more »

Are You Making These Mistakes In A Virtual Setting?

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I recently heard an “Oh Wow” story that shined a light on the pitfalls of modern business communication. My friend Nicole was telling me of a recent conference call discussing a global restructuring for her company. The conversation centered around key employees that executive management wanted to retain and their associated compensation packages. Nicole hadn’t… Read more »

Fewer Players, More Coaches

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Business man shows success abstract flow chart

Companies often ask for my help in transitioning their management teams from tactical managers to strategic leaders. “Our managers need to get out of the weeds,” they say. ”They’re getting too bogged down in the minutia and not focusing enough on the big picture.” “Their people need to feel empowered and inspired.” So what does… Read more »

Who’s on your Team?

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I hung up the phone in disbelief. I’d called to tell “M” the good news: I had accepted the position. But he’d barely said Congratulations before turning to a discussion of next steps, followed by a stern reminder to “keep networking.” Keep networking?!  I had just landed the position I’d been working for, the position… Read more »

Oh No You D-i-i-i-dn’t!

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Have you ever hit send on an email and then seconds later thought “#&%$, I wish I didn’t do that!” Or, been on the receiving end of one of those emails and thought to yourself “What was that person thinking?!?” Unfortunately, at one time or another we have probably all had one of those experiences…. Read more »

The Power of Creation

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I recently had the pleasure of hearing Spencer Finch speak at an intimate gathering. Finch is an incredibly talented artist who was chosen to create the only work of art commissioned for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.   He spoke of hand-painting 2,983 squares of paper — one square in a unique shade… Read more »

Sometimes You Need to Pump the Brakes

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I just recovered from 2 weeks of an intense summer flu that kicked my butt! As day after day went by and I was not improving, I found that my level of frustration and anger continued to rise. After finally taking myself to the doctor, I realized I had no choice but to STOP. I… Read more »

Do You Remember Me?

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How many new people do you meet in a week? 1, 2, 3, 5+ ..? Depending on how social you are and your line of work, that number could vary and be quite large. But, how many of those people would you say are memorable? Meaning, you remembered there was “something about them” or something… Read more »

Operating in your “Zone of Genius”

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Has this ever happened? You win an award, you have an amazing day, or you get a big promotion — then all of a sudden something negative happens in another part of your life, perhaps you have a big fight with your partner, you get sick or experience a set-back in your health? Or, while… Read more »