“So, What IS a Coach?”

I’ve been asked this question quite often.

First, let me share a little of my background. I started working with a coach at a critical time in my life and career. I was looking at what I wanted to do next and how I could best utilize my skills and experience to enrich other people’s lives. I knew I needed someone to help me, but wasn’t quite sure who or what that meant. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a coach who partnered with me on creating my next chapter — and truly changed my life.

After seeing first-hand the results of this experience, both professionally and personally, I wanted to work with others to empower them do the same.

I initially resisted the term “Coach” as a title, because WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN?! Like so many, I didn’t fully understand the true meaning and profound impact working with a Coach can have until I experienced it myself. In sports, the role of a coach is to help both the individual and the team master the skills necessary to help them win. In business, and in life, these same principles are essential in leading people and companies toward success — on their own terms and as they define it.

Coaching is for anyone wanting to “Play Bigger”.

I’ve also been asked, “Are you going to fix me?” The answer is a polite “No.” People who work with coaches don’t need to be fixed. They are typically successful, smart, accomplished individuals who want to play bigger and better and are looking for someone with the skills, know-how, experience, training and tools to help them get there.

Look no further…

I offer a unique mix of first-hand experience and expertise, which my clients cite as a key differentiator in their decision to work with me. I’ve talked the talk and walked the walk – with my 20 years of experience working for and with a range of companies from Fortune 100 to early-stage startups; as a coaching client myself; and now as a certified leadership coach and consultant.

I’m here to ensure my clients have the necessary tools and empowerment to realize their full potential, maximize their performance, and enjoy the process along the way.